Capturing and silencing the masculine and feminine : an exercise in absolute alienation

Karen Woodall

I have been thinking this week about the drivers of the feminine and masculine principles, namely the need to care for and the need to protect. Now these two drivers are, I accept, stereotypically attributed to men as protectors and women as carers and in this gender fluid world we live in we are so not allowed to talk about this.

But I am going to.

I am going to because I consider that the two things are very much overlooked and I consider that the alienation project, which is to eradicate a parent from a child’s life, is undertaken  most effectively by using these twin principles.  This is how.

When fathers are alienating mothers they most often concentrate upon the stereotypical feminine qualities of caring. They allege that the mother is not a naturally maternal woman and that her caring capacity is questionable. They often insert their own mothers…

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