I’m back on Twitter and I have a few thoughts about bullying



With no explanation of any kind, my Twitter account was restored and I now have about 15K followers. I suspect that Twitter investigated after I achieved the remarkable feat of getting suspended WHILE I was suspended!

How could I be tweeting abuse if I was suspended? Gee, was I being false flagged and harassed?

I wrote about some other people who have been suspended and censored for the crime of discussing gender issues without engaging feminism, and you can read it at Thought Catalog.


It’s very difficult to silence one of the most well-known media commentators in Europe, but let’s keep in mind that feminists tried. If given enough power, they will silence all dissenters. That should give us pause for thought.

If you’re not on Twitter yet, you might enjoy the fun in my feed. I currently have someone claiming that any woman who has participated in a…

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