Feminism as hate speech, and no, that’s not hyperbole. Guest post by the Observing Libertarian



Hey folks, I have kind of a long post for you today, but it is more than worth the read, IMO. The Observing Libertarian has made a strong case for feminism as hate speech – as embodying every tactic and principal of hate as we understand it.

There are a lot of references which just makes the case stronger, but it you want the tl;dr version, read the stuff in bold red print.

Feminism: Hate and the Mechanism of Dehumanization

by Observing Libertarian

A delve into the underlying nature of hatred and the mechanism of dehumanization.

*NOTE* Please watch the video links -LAST-. They are the example of what this article articulates. the videos are collected examples of hate and dehumanization -in practice-.

First however – a few things to clear your mind of a lot of misconceptions and propaganda.

Some facts for you.


Domestic Violence ~

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