REPOST: The moment I knew feminism was a crock of shit


In light of all the interest in anti-feminism lately, I thought I would repost this older article explaining how I came to reject feminism.


When I originally started university, I was enrolled in the Sociology of Work and Industryspecialization, thinking that I would complete a degree that would give me some sort of qualifications for employment. I wanted to get a head start on my program, so I took my first course during summer school and it took me all of twelve weeks to figure out that a professor’s job is pretty much the best one you could possibly have. Professors have more or less complete control over how and when and what they work on, and they are free to follow their own interests. I watched with complete envy as professors strolled into class late, gave lackadaisical lectures, rambled on about their own ideas and then went to…

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