Crisis in the Ukraine. Hey up, where you at ladies? I thought you “run the world”.


Is the madness currently unfolding in the Ukraine really just a spat over a gas bill?  Well, probably not, but the price of gas does play a role.  The President of the Ukraine, Viktor Yanukovych was duty bound to sign a trade pact that would have brought the European Union and Ukraine closer to open trade and opened the doors to inclusion in the EU, and then Russia decided the whole deal was bullshit and threatened to stop subsidizing the flow of natural gas to the Ukraine.


Oh, Yanukovych hates former Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko – she of the most glorious hair ever and friend to the European Union.  Yulia wants to move into the future, Yanukovych prefers the past.

Unrest in the Crimea is nothing new.  Looking over photos and watching video footage, I was struck by something:  where are all the women?  The young, strong, powerful, independent…

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