Marketing strategies that target women are evil because women, like children, are far too gullible and emotionally immature to resist them.

“Las estrategias de marketing dirigidas a las mujeres son malas porque las mujeres, como los niños, son demasiado crédulos y emocionalmente inmaduro para resistirlos.”




I don’t allow my children to watch commercial television, and not because I think the content of the shows is all bad – some of it is actually pretty good – but because I do not want them exposed to advertising.  It takes a long time before children can even distinguish which part of what they are watching is advertising.  Most researchers in the area agree that five years is the watershed moment that kids can even tell they are watching something that is different from the regular programming.

It takes even longer before kids can think critically about advertisements, and understand that they are being psychologically manipulated into wanting X or Y or Z.  My two older children are pretty good at critiquing advertisements when they watch TV at Grandma’s house, because I have walked them through how the process works.

Left to their own devices, kids will…

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