Ladies, are you short a little cash? Here’s a quick and easy way to beef up your bank account and it’s filled with LOL, too. Fun for everyone!

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plan B

So, you’re a responsible girl, right?  A totally modern woman, down with premarital sex and physical pleasure and you know all the right moves when it comes to preventing pregnancy.  You’ve been on birth control for most of your adult life and you have Plan B in your medicine chest just in case some catastrophic failure happens and the fruits of your loom decide to weave you up a darling little bundle of joy.

You have the abortion clinic on speed-dial.

Good for you!  Yay!  Abortion is dirty, nasty business that it’s best to avoid if possible.


But all the responsibility in the world won’t prevent those moments when the Visa bill comes and you find yourself financially screwed once again.  Damn those credit card companies, giving you so much free money!

Courage, my love!  There is a solution.

There are two ways to go about this little money-making scheme…

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